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The Week in Summary

I would rate last week as one of the better weeks I have had in a while. Despite the rain last Thursday, the weekend was surprisingly entertaining and I think I've made some progress towards my journey.

After an early day at work on Friday, I took a trip to the Visual Gallery to see "Postpartum" and take a glance at Margot Herster's pictures. I met her a few months ago, when she had begun working on the particular project that was being exhibited - so I dropped by to find not only her great photographs, but also other installations which tickled my imagination.

On Saturday, while standing at the bus stop, I got into a conversation with a young man from Barbados. We talked about a variety of things, but among all the mumbling he said something that stuck in my head the remainder of the day: "We do not appreciate enough, what our parents do for us." - more on that in the future.

And finally, on Sunday I got carried away with socializing (which can be a good thing at times), but I am now feeling the effects of it. More on that later, as well. Happy Tuesday!


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