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On The Body

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I have decided to use Wednesdays to discuss the progress of my Journey. The most difficult aspects of this quest is, trying to attain a simple outlook on life, and communicating this vision to others from my standpoint. I understand that it is an unwinding process, and I hope my writing will gain in clarity as I progress.

I want to begin my Journey on the outside and work my way inwards. I am starting by focusing on my body because I feel as if I have immediate control over it. Compared to the mind and spirit, I think the body is easiest to understand because it gives you immediate feedback if you have done something wrong to it: you need no acquired knowledge or feeling to experience its dissatisfaction. For example, when I overindulge in food, I experience immediate discomfort and at times stress and sadness, knowing that I have caused my body a displeasure by giving my greed free reign. From that instant until the discomforting sensation wears off, I feel heavy in thought, and at times distracted, which I want to avoid at all cost during this Journey.

Baby Steps
I am going to start the simple process of listening to my body, and I will stop eating when I am full. No matter how delicious the skirt steak in front of me might be, I will practice restraint for my overall comfort. If I must have it, I will save it for a later sitting.

I will report on my progress next week.


  • Unbelievable. YOU dare to takl about "overindulging in food" :-)

    By Anonymous Alex, at 22:31  

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